Welcome to Apprentice2jesus

Welcome to Apprentice2jesus

Welcome to Apprentice2jesusWelcome to Apprentice2jesus

An Introduction


Apprentice is a daily discipleship resource focusing upon the life and ministry of Jesus. It is designed for anyone who wants to discover what it means to follow Jesus into His world and into mission - to learn or to be apprenticed by Jesus through four key rhythms:   ​       

Come to me

Wait for me

Follow me

Go with me


It is designed for the individual's own journey with Jesus, but recognises that we need each other on such a journey, so there is also material for group discussion.       

It contains four weekly resources spread over a period of twelve months. Taking the reader from the birth to the resurrection of Jesus as reported by Luke.


Each week comprises an overview of a passage from Luke's gospel, followed by a prayer for the week. There are  seven brief daily reflections followed by questions for individual reflection. There are also questions for group study and an opportunity to share insights, questions and resources through a dedicated Facebook group.

It starts with the birth narratives, but hopefully people will find this a good starting point, whatever time of the year they begin with Apprentice.

For you have one teacher, the Christ.

Matthew 23 verse 10.

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